Armando joins #TeamTR

We’re delighted to announce that Armando, a Level 3 Personal Trainer, will be joining our team of athletes. Armando is based in Cardiff, Pure Gym.

Starting as a regular gym goer, he fell in love with training and fitness in 2013, and took up the idea to make a long term career out of it.

Fast forward a few years, and Armando is know one of the leading PT’s in Cardiff. Working full time, training other people and helping them to reach their goals and personal targets.

If you need help to reach your goal and you’re ready to take that next step then get in touch for a free consultation to talk about it further and reach your goals.

We will be referring some of our clients over to Armando when needed, to allow them to reach their targets too!

You can enquire about Armando’s services in clinic to receive special discounts and offers when booking with Armando.

Or find him directly via his instagram or email below.

Instagram: @armandocantore


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